“Positive about Islam” Campaign

November is Islamophobia Awareness Week, which aims to raise awareness of Islamophobic hate crimes and highlight the wonderful contributions which British Muslims make to society.

At least 7,000 anti-Muslim hate crimes are reported each year and between March 2016 and 2017, 143,920 derogatory and anti-Islamic Tweets were sent from the UK.

“Positive about Islam and Muslims” is a campaign led by the West Yorkshire & Harrogate Health and Care Partnership during November to proudly support Islamophobia Awareness Month. As a values-based Partnership which welcomes and celebrates diversity, Islamophobia goes against the Partnerships core principles and the society which we wish to see. This campaign aims to highlight the positive contributions that followers of Islam make to society and challenge myths and stereotypes which exist about Muslims. Colleagues across the WY&H Partnership are encouraged to get involved and share their reflections.

Resources and facts about Islam will be shared on the WY&H Partnership webpage here and on the twitter account @WYHPartnership.

Weekly blogs will also be published and available to access here.

More events, resources and activities related to Islamophobia Awareness Month can also be found on the website here.

If you do witness any Islamophobic incidents, or feel scared for your own safety, please contact the Police. In an emergency call 999, or if it is not an emergency you can complete an online hate crime reporting form or call the Police on 101. More information on how to get support if you do not wish to contact the Police can also be found on the WY&H webpage.