Wakefield Place Brand Launch

On Tuesday 4th of August Wakefield Place virtually launched it’s new brand and pioneering vision for the Wakefield District, which represents Wakefield as a place where people thrive, businesses succeed and visitors are welcome.

The new branding has been created using opinions from those living and working across the Wakefield District to showcase what Wakefield has to offer as a place to belong, invest and visit. The new branding particularly wants to showcase the “artist energy” and “creative spirit” which is so embedded into our area.

Some key areas discussed about Wakefield include the variety of new housing developments, the art hotspots including Yorkshire Sculpture Park and the Hepworth Gallery, the history the District has to offer with castles and museums, and the architectural gems. The connectivity of Wakefield with other areas of the country was also highlighted as a key strength.

The premiere featured Andrew Weaver, CEO of home builder Strata, Jon Hughes MD at Haribo UK and Helen Featherstone, Deputy Director at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, discussing the three key themes of the new brand, alongside members of Wakefield Council.

If you would like to see more about what this new Brand means for those living and working in Wakefield, the premiere can be watched online here for those who missed it.

Regular, interactive updates are also due to take place to give updates on the 3 key areas.